In the Show Ring

A show ring is always a controversial subject when it comes to breeding. From comments on over-fattening animals to questioning the selection effectiveness of a personís judgement Ė they all mesh together to form something extraordinary in breeding circles. Xourelís opinion on shows has always been to keep it simple and relevant to what they are breeding. Although it isnít the sole judge on genetics, it does play an important role in determining if one is phenotypically and structurally sound and in sync with the progress that the breed as a whole is achieving on a confirmation front. It is a fun- filled event that the entire team can engage in and when implemented correctly can be very beneficial to all Xourelís clients. Xourel does not select purely on show ring performance and will always regard genetic selection and breeding higher than the show ring, consequently Xourelís show string is seldom very big.

One of the big challenges in breeding is bringing it all together. Breeding the animal that has a specific set of genetic traits while also adhering to good structural conformity and soundness. A show ring is one small step in achieving the whole Xourel package.



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