Xourel Limousins offers an array of services to the industry:

Sires & Female Sales
Sires and Breeding females are sold in private treaty deals and on auctions! Contact us for a tailor-made selection of genetic lines and functionality to suit your environment.

Semen & Embryo Sales
Frosted Genetics!! Embryo and semen catalogue is available separately and according to availability for different regions of the world. Please enquire for the full range of frozen genetics available.

Consulting Services
Xourel offers consulting services on various breeding subjects, from genetic lines, to recording services to female selection in commercial herds. These services are available on tailor-made agreements. Feel free to approach Xourel to assist you with your herd selections.

Specialised Breeding Services
From time to time a client might require that extra mile to get him to where he needs to be Ė this is where Xourelís specialised breeding services come in to play. Xourel will kindly do specialised breeding, which could be anything from breeding F1 lines to crossing certain genetic lines. Each breeding is customised accordingly.

Sight Unseen
The way business ought to be done!! One of Xourelís special services, for when you just donít have the time or when itís simply too much hassle to select breeding stock yourself. Xourel will visit you and your breeding herd and identify your specific requirements. Xourel will create a shortlist of animals to meet these requirements. The client simply selects and the animals are delivered without ever viewing them Ė truly sight unseen!! Animals are sold with an additional satisfaction warranty.

AI Contracted services
Often done on large scale at commercial breeders, Xourel contracts a third party AI specialist to perform synchronised AI with a selection of fresh or frozen Xourel genetics. This way the breeder obtains a selection of some of the best genetics currently available, at a fraction of the cost Ė taking him to great highs much quicker! With proper preparation and vigilant application conception rates of 70-85% are often achieved.

Bull Trade-In
A make-shift service for the small breeder that had a Xourel bull service his herd for 2 to 3 years and suddenly has the problem that the bullís daughters need to be serviced. If the bull is in good condition and clean of all diseases, Xourel will buy back a Xourel bull at a premium above slaughter value. The client is credited and can select a new bull to service the herd again!! Simple bull trade-in!

Weaner Buy-back
Xourel trusts their genetics all the way!! To prove this, Xourel started the weaner buy-back service - a service where Xourel is willing to buy any weaners bred directly from Xourel genetics for their clients. Prices are subject to market trends, but premiums are paid to prove our trust even more!



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