Xourel believe strongly in managing genetics. Only through the use of the correct genetics at the right time, will a goal be achieved. It is from this that Xourel aims to manage our genetics through constant evaluation of where and with what each of our clients are involved, only then can we make appropriate recommendations and apply services accordingly.

Investing in genetics is a long term thing, especially in cattle farming. Xourel understands that the genetics that you use today, will only pay-out in a year or six from now and that is why we aim to breed animals that have economic traits in mind. Only through economic trait selection can we increase our clients’ profit.

Progress is achieved through countless generations and hours of selection.

Xourel aims to select through the use of prominent genetic lines and enhancing pre-set traits by introducing some nonrelated genetics. Xourel predominantly breeds pure French-type Limousins, but with a medium soft muscled frame suited for high potential gain, while maintaining hardiness for harsher environments. Xourel offers a selection of horned and polled genetics.



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