Nowadays not many business deals are concluded with a proper and honest handshake. Xourel might be a bit old-school with this, but we believe that honesty is still the only way to maintain proper relationships and at Xourel a handshake still means what it did many years ago. With that in mind, Xourel aims to always deliver a constant product by building on the following principles:

The Xourel Warranty
Xourel has a vigorous selection process to deliver a constant product that will maintain itself to standards that Xourel deems necessary to service the industry. As tight as a selection process can be, there is always a possibility that an animal or certain genetics do not live up to the Xourel standards. Open and straight- forward business have always triumphed at Xourel and in the unlikely event that our product does not live up to our standards or to the expectations of the client, we urge our customers to inform us accordingly. Xourel will promptly investigate the matter and in the event where we deem that the standards weren’t met, we will replace the product or compensate the client.

Quality Control
Quality is non-negotiable, and although quality in animals vary vastly, one still expects animals to adhere to the standard associated with the price class. DNA validation and F94L gene certification comes standard in Quality control. Furthermore, Xourel selects through many selection processes, but no animal is ever sold before the final inspection. This is done by one of only two people at Xourel. If for any reason they deem the quality to not live up to the Xourel standard, the sale will not take place. Final inspection involves a screening of genetic lines, recorded traits, breeding values and a visual inspection.

Recording is the foundation of a seed stock enterprise – without it, one simply farms with cattle. There are no exceptions to this rule and that it why it is a matter of pride for Xourel to hold our recording to the highest ethical standards. Xourel will never alter records in any way, and that is one of our promises to the industry.

Herd Health
Herd Health is non-negotiable at Xourel Limousins. All breeding females are subjected to yearly Bovine brucellosis testing and all animals are subjected to Bovine tuberculosis testing. Yearly inoculations are done for respiratory diseases, Lumpy skin disease, Anthrax, Botulism and Black quarter. Xourel has maintained its CA3 herd health status from date of registration and is subsequently fully cleared for export. All relevant documentation is available on request.



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