From Humble Beginnings

Unwavered ethics, years of genetic selection, a conscientious approach to duty, meticulous record keeping, inextinguishable ambition, hours of sweat, hardship and true passion – add to that some drops of rain and undeserved grace … and you have a true Seed Stock Stud.

Few people truly understand what it means to make a herd part of your entire life, what it means to be absolutely assured that someone has given every part of their being to achieve that which they hold so dear. At Xourel there is only one way of living... and that is giving every bit of ourselves, be it nursing sick calves on Saturday evenings, herding cows to new pastures, halter-training young bulls, selecting mattings, prepping for ET programs or feeding day in and day out. There is just one way of living and breeding cattle - being totally committed and focusing on what truly matters.

With that in mind, it only comes naturally that Xourel’s core business view is seeking steadfast long-term relationships. Relationships that stretch over generations, because only when our grandchildren still do business together, will we know that what we did today, had both parties’ best interests at heart.

Xourel knows in order to achieve this dream of relationships stretching from ages to ages, something like equity and trust is non-negotiable and forms the basis of all interactions. Only through bringing these views to their full glory, may we continue to stroll so close to God’s creation …



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